Half-Year English and IELTS Preparation Course

Today, IELTS is the leading English language certification exam, the results of which are valuable both when entering a university and when applying for a job in an international company. IELTS preparation course should be high quality and intensive because the exam itself is one of the most difficult and demanding.

This program was developed by the MSM Academy in collaboration with the British Council to prepare students of all levels for this prestigious international exam. The IELTS preparation course exists in a one-year and half-year format, so you can choose for yourself exactly those terms that meet your requirements and capabilities.

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About the organizers of the IELTS preparation course

MSM Academy in Prague

The IELTS preparation course in Prague was created by the MSM Academy and the British Council.

MSM Academy is an international language school based in the capital of the Czech Republic. We help school and university graduates to enter Czech universities, we also conduct various training programs:

  • Foreign language courses with native teachers
  • Preparation for admission to universities in the Czech Republic
  • Unique programs “Double Degree
  • Organization of educational vacation programs in Prague
  • International Football Academy MSM Programs

British Council

The British Council is an international non-governmental organization whose main goal is to promote and spread British culture in the world. In addition, with the support of the Government of the United Kingdom, effective language programs are being developed in schools and training centers. Queen Elizabeth II has remained the head of the council since 1934; the British Council has subdivisions in 110 countries of the world.

It is in the building of the British Council in Prague that our students of preparatory and summer programs take the international IELTS exam.

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British Council

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Program Structure


Half-Year English and IELTS Preparation Course
Duration of the course 15.01 – 07.06
Total hours 560 hours
English 380 hours
English (IELTS preparation course) 100 hours
Czech (course on the development of speaking skills) 20 hours
Maths 60 hours
Certificate +
Pick up, transfer +
MSM uniform +
Czech sim card +
The cultural program +
Consulting support +
подготовка к IELTS

MSM Academy Services

By enrolling in our program, you will receive various consulting and organizational services and you will not have to deal with organization issues alone:

  • Assistance with the collection and execution of all necessary documents (visas, translation of documents, proof of residence, insurance, certificate of study).
  • Transfer for newly arrived students.
  • Czech SIM card connection.
  • Organization of accommodation for the entire period of study on the course (price about 300 euros per month).
  • Registration with the police for foreigners in the first 3 days after arrival.
  • Student travel card for 2 months for all public transport.
  • Advice on admission to the selected university (collection of a package of documents, selection of a program, assistance with applying, nostrification).
  • If necessary, accompany you to medical institutions (with valid insurance).
IELTS Preparation Course

Student’s Reviews

Cultural program

Our cultural and entertainment program includes interesting excursions around Prague and the Czech Republic, possibly trips to neighboring countries, and a variety of events. We organize:

  • Welcome party for all students
  • Excursions to the main sights of Prague
  • Guided tours of museums or exhibitions
  • Boat trip along the Vltava
  • Visit to the famous and largest Zoo in Europe
  • Visit to the Prague water park
  • Attending a musical evening
  • Farewell evening
  • Attending sporting events
  • Trips to other Czech cities: Karlovy Vary and Český Krumlov

You can also additionally buy trips to Germany and Austria.

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