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CULS or Czech University of Life Sciences is one of the leading economic universities in the Czech Republic and the largest in terms of the number of international programs. The university has state accreditation, so in addition to the opportunity to study for free in Czech, you will also receive a state diploma. CULS specializes in various economic and modern business programs aimed at training specialists who will have all the necessary relevant skills.

Czech University of Life Sciences

History and structure of the university

The Czech University of Life Sciences celebrated its 110th anniversary in 2016. Over the years, the university has formed one of the most powerful economic faculties in the country, and many members of the government of the Czech Republic are its graduates. At the moment, there are about 27 thousand students studying here, many of whom are foreigners. The university has state accreditation and ranks 3rd among other universities in Prague and 8th in the country in terms of the number of students.

Various bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs are offered here, as well as courses for obtaining the title of Professor or Associate Professor. In addition to basic higher education, you can enroll in additional language courses conducted by MSM Academy in cooperation with CULS.

CULS is modeled on classic British and American campuses – all academic buildings are located on the same territory within walking distance of each other. Also nearby are student dormitories, sports facilities, cafes, a private park, and a bus line.

The university also actively cooperates with international high schools in other countries, participates in various international national research projects and grants. Students take internships all over the world and can spend a semester in South Korea, the United States, Canada, and other countries.

Czech University of Life Sciences

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MSM Academy and the Czech University of Life Sciences

For many years, MSM Academy has been a reliable partner of the CULS in cooperation with which our foundation courses are held in Prague. These programs are very popular among those who want to enroll in Czech and English-language educational programs since the learning process is conducted by the lecturers of the university themselves. You can choose exactly the course of the MSM Academy that meets your wishes for future admission to the chosen specialty: in particular, we offer courses of general pre-university training and narrowly focused on applicants to medical areas.

If you have chosen the Czech University of Life Sciences, the lecturers and coordinators of our programs will help you to prepare for the entrance tests at the CULS. However, this choice does not oblige you to apply only here. After completing the preparatory course, you will have sufficient knowledge of Czech or English, as well as profile subjects to enter any other university in the Czech Republic.

Czech University of Life Sciences
Czech University of Life Sciences

Other programs of the CULS and MSM Academy

In addition to the classic European bachelor programs, which last 3 years, you can also choose a unique Double Degree program. With the support of CULS and other foreign partners, the MSM Academy has created and organized studies where you get two bachelor’s degrees in Economics, Business, or Management in just 3-3,5 years. The Double Degree program is provided by partner universities in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland, and is taught in English. You will spend the first two courses in Prague, in the walls of CULS, and the final year in your chosen country.

Czech University of Life Sciences

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