Work and Travel

The USA is a distant and attractive country. It is not so easy to get into it, and to combine rest there with work on legal terms is a real dream for many. The Work and Travel program is designed for young and ambitious travelers who are not afraid to leave their comfort zone. At the same time, its conditions not only guarantee safety, but also allow you to make good money by performing simple duties.

W&T is the most popular program in which students from Ukraine, Russia and other neighboring countries can visit the United States. This is not just an exciting journey through unfamiliar cities and an introduction to American culture. Each of the travelers will gain invaluable work experience in a local company, gain experience and spend 2 to 4 months in a new language environment, communicating with native English speakers.

Work and Travel

The main advantage of W&T in the USA is self-sufficiency. For every hour spent on the internship, the international student will receive $ 7. You can earn from 1.5 to 4 thousand dollars per month. This is enough to spend the last thirty days traveling across America and bring some money home.

A student does not need any special experience to work. As part of the program, young people from all over the world work part-time on their vacations in the United States in parks, cafes, hotels and at festivals. They do not require any skills, except for one thing: knowledge of English at a sufficient level. Each participant in the program who meets the selection criteria is automatically guaranteed a place for an internship.

Work and Travel

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Work and Travel with MSM

Traveling from the Czech Republic can make your US vacation even more rewarding. After all, our students get the opportunity to choose the direction in which they will be trained. Many people manage to attend a concert of their favorite celebrity, join the tourism business or spend a lot of time in nature. To travel to America with MSM support, you need:

  • To be a student.
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 25.
  • Be fluent in English at a level sufficient for free communication.
Work and Travel

The International Union of Youth guarantees:

  • Before starting your internship, you will know what to do in the United States.
  • During your stay in America, our representatives will provide support.
  • We will provide tickets for international flights at discounted prices.
  • Before the flight, we will introduce you to all the rules of participation in the program, and for any questions you can contact the curator.

We wish you success in your travel to the United States!

Work and Travel

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