Internship in Prague

Studying in an unfamiliar country creates a lot of new impressions and vivid emotions. But it is also a valuable experience that is not always possible to get during student years in Russia and neighboring countries. An internship abroad is a good opportunity for young and talented professionals from various fields to make themselves known. By completing an internship in a foreign company, you can significantly increase your skills and become a more valuable specialist in the eyes of potential employers. This practice has weight not only in Ukraine and the CIS, but also in the Czech Republic itself, as well as in a number of European states.

Representatives of various professions can train in the Czech Republic. MSM offers good jobs for marketers, language specialists, economists, young entrepreneurs, and educators. The main thing is the desire to learn something new and work hard for the good of the company. Then you will have a chance not only to improve your skills and get acquainted with innovations in your chosen field, but also to stay in the state for many years. After all, Czech employers are always glad to have promising employees, regardless of where they come from.

Стажировка в Праге

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Internship abroad for international students

An internship abroad with the support of MSM is attractive because young specialists can choose themselves in which direction to develop. We provide support at all stages, from paperwork to getting to know a new country. And each of our wards successfully works in the chosen field, adopting the experience of colleagues and making useful contacts.

During your stay in the Czech Republic, you can not only work in a large company, but also visit various museums, exhibitions and excursions to places of worship. You will get acquainted with the beautiful and mysterious Czech capital and its friendly people, learn to communicate freely with native speakers and get immersed in the cultural culture of Central Europe.

Internship in Prague is possible in the following areas:

  • Economics and Management. Management specialists will have the opportunity to get to know large companies from the inside and take part in their work.
  • Mechanical engineering and IT-technologies. Future experts in the field of modern technologies will see innovative European equipment and learn the most relevant programming techniques.
  • Advertising and marketing. If you are planning to seriously engage in advertising, practice in a European agency will acquaint you with the most relevant promotion trends.
  • Foreign languages. For future translators, immersion in a new language environment and practice with real native speakers of Czech, English or German is a very important stage in their career development.
  • Business. Aspiring entrepreneurs will see how European entrepreneurs do business and learn a lot about working in the commercial field.
Стажировка в Праге

Choose the program you like and take one more step towards the dream of a profession in demand! And MSM will support you in this.

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