Half-Year MSM International Football Academy in Prague

The Football Academy in Prague is the dream of many young athletes and football fans from all over the world. In addition to intense training, you will also find friendly matches and tournaments, games with scout watching and the opportunity to get into one of the European teams.

Along with sports activities, the course program also includes the study of Czech or English with preparation for entering universities, a rich cultural and entertainment program and the support of coordinators. The MSM Half-Year Football Academy is specially designed for those who are not in time for the one-year program but want to start their studies in Prague as soon as possible.

Академия футбола в Праге

About the Football Academy

Our football academy in Prague cooperates with many major sports organizations and football clubs in Europe. Today our partners are the Football Federations of the Czech Republic, Moscow and Kiev, the NIKE corporation and one of the most famous and fitness clubs in the Czech Republic – Explore Fitness. Representatives of various Football Clubs regularly attend our training sessions, as well as conduct friendly matches among our students, assessing their potential as future players for their teams. Classes are led by experienced trainers and coordinators, whose main task is to create a comfortable balance of physical and academic load.

Football Academy in Prague

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Course Structure

футбольный мяч

Coming to the six-month program, you not only provide yourself with intensive daily training but also a high-quality educational program with the study of foreign languages: Czech and English, as well as mathematics. Our coordinators and teachers organize rich language classes, as well as an interesting cultural and entertainment program, helping students to adapt faster and get the most out of their stay on the program. The Prague Football Academy will help you open the doors of the leading local football clubs as well as private and public universities.

The Czech language is taught to students for admission to public universities in the Czech Republic, because education in the language of the country is free even for foreigners. English classes include preparation for admission to English-speaking areas, the cost of which is much more affordable than in other EU countries.

Study hours plan

Duration of the course 15.01 – 31.08
Total hours 440 hours
English 380 hours
Maths 60 hours
Trainings 4-5 times a week
Sports uniforms +
Matches +
Certificate +
Pick up, transfer +
MSM uniform +
Czech sim card +
Consulting support +


Upon completion of all scheduled classes that run from January to June, you will pass internal exams and receive a certificate.

In addition to the educational program, an individual training plan is developed for each student, taking into account the starting physical fitness.

Полугодовая школа футбола в Праге

Football Academy in Prague: Coaching Staff

вячеслав заховайло

Vyacheslav Zakhovaylo
The sports Director of the MSM International Football Academy in Prague is Vyacheslav Zakhovaylo, a licensed coach with the PRO category. During his career as a football player, Vyacheslav played for such clubs in Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia as Hemlon, Gumenne, Artmedia Petržalka Bratislava, Slovan Bratislava, as well as in Ukraine at the CSKA KIEV school. Becoming a coach, Vyacheslav Zakhovaylo engaged in the professional advancement of many teams of the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Владислав Кузьменко

Vladislav Kuzmenko
Vladislav is a graduate of the One-Year MSM International Football Academy. From 2004 to 2015, he played for FC Ilyichevets (modern FC Mariupol) (Ukraine), where after the summer Academy MSM won a grant and entered our one-year program. In 2017-2018, he already played for Aritma Prague, then received a coaching license (category B) and began teaching at the Academy. Under his leadership, the team of our students took first place in the 2018-2019 championship.

Мартин Фридек

Martin Frydek
From 1990, for 7 years he was a player of the first “big” football club of the Czech Republic – Sparta Prague. During that time, he played in 177 matches and scored 27 goals, took part in the semi-finals of the European Champions Cup and the quarter-finals of the Cup winners ‘ Cup, and was the national champion from 1991 to 1997. After 1996, he signed a contract with German Bayer, and finished his career with Semice and Dukla (Prague). Participated in matches of the Champions League, the UEFA Cup and the Cup winners ‘ Cup. Currently, he is an employee of the Sparta Academy in Prague.

Ева Ганякова

Eva Haniakova
The famous Czech footballer was the captain of the women’s national team and is currently the head coach of the youth women’s team at FC Sparta in Prague. Many successful current Czech football players graduated under her leadership. Pani Ganyakova regularly participates in various professional conferences and workshops throughout Europe and the world. In 2014, Eva received the Vaclav Jira doctor of science award for her contribution to the development of Czech football.

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Our Services

By enrolling in our program, you will receive various consulting and organizational services, and you will not have to deal with organization issues alone:

  • Assistance with the collection and execution of all necessary documents (visas, translation of documents, proof of residence, insurance, certificate of study).
  • Transfer for newly arrived students.
  • Czech SIM card connection.
  • Organization of accommodation for the entire period of study on the course (price about 300 euros per month).
  • Registration with the police for foreigners in the first 3 days after arrival.
  • Student travel card for 2 months for all public transport.
  • Advice on admission to the selected university (collection of a package of documents, selection of a program, assistance with applying, nostrification).
  • If necessary, accompany you to medical institutions (with valid insurance).

Also, the price includes sports equipment:

  • Training kit (socks, shorts, t-shirt, sweatshirt, sports bottle)
  • Sports football suit (pants, jacket)
  • Sports bag

The student will have to pay separately the entrance fee to the Czech Football Federation, this is necessary for the official registration of the player in the country.

Полугодовая школа футбола в Праге

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