Sports Сamp in the Czech Republic

In the hot summer months, you want not only to relax but also to spend these days with benefits for your health and mind. For those who are active, curious and in love with European culture, we have created a sports camp in the Czech Republic. As part of his program, you can not be distracted from training in your favorite sport, combining them with excursions and learning English.

Anyone can go in for sports in the Czech Republic. After all, our summer programs are designed for beginners and real pros who do not want to lose their shape over the summer. As part of the course, you can alternate between learning English with native speakers and training with real Czech sports stars. A well-chosen program will help develop endurance, agility and flexibility without harm to health.

Sports Сamp and MSM Language Academy

Foreign language classes are held at the MSM Academy with the support of the leading state universities in the Czech Republic. All teachers not only speak fluent English and Czech but also teach classes at major universities and language centers. They are used to work with foreigners and easily find an approach to each student.

The partner of the MSM Academy is the elite fitness club Xplore Fitness, with which we have been linked for many years of cooperation. For all participants of summer sports programs over 18 years old, there is a free membership, the receipt of which allows you to exercise at any convenient time.


Sports in the Czech Republic: from Football to Dancing

MSM Academy offers various programs for everyone who wants to improve their sports form, improve their knowledge of the English language and get to know more about Czech culture and history.

One-Year MSM International Football
Academy in Prague

This program offers training with professionals, intensive English or Czech language classes and the opportunity to become a player in one of the European football clubs.

Годовая Футбольная Академия MSM с подготовкой к вузу

Half-Year MSM International
Football Academy in Prague

Intensive training and an accelerated language course will help you improve your fitness and prepare for university entrance in just 6 months. The best athletes have a chance to get into the national team.

Полугодовая Футбольная Академия MSM с подготовкой к вузу

Summer Football School in Prague

While training on the best Czech football fields, MSM players do not forget about an exciting language course and educational excursions in picturesque Prague and the Czech Republic.

Летний курс футбола с английским

Summer Tennis School in Prague

This summer program is suitable for real professionals and those who are just taking their first steps into the world of tennis. The alternation of training and language classes will help you not get tired, and excursions in the Czech Republic and a cultural program will give you a lot of new impressions.

Летний курс тенниса с английским

Summer Dance School in Prague

If you have always dreamed of learning how to dance or are already fluent in various dance styles, this course will definitely suit you. While learning from the best dancers in the Czech Republic, you will also find a rich cultural and entertainment program. All of this is combined with intensive English lessons.

Летняя школа танцев с изучением английского

Summer Fitness Course in Prague

This program is suitable for those who want to improve their physical fitness, as well as improve their English. You will not only get stronger and more resilient but also expand your vocabulary by talking to native speakers in the heart of Europe.

Летний курс фитнеса с изучением английского

Summer Martial Arts School in Prague

Martial arts are not only a way to develop physical strength and agility. They help you become more serious, learn to think logically and make decisions quickly. In combination with English courses, doing such sports is what you need for an interesting summer.

Лагерь боевых искусств с английским

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