The Czech Republic

Every year the Czech Republic attracts many tourists from all over the world who come here to admire its medieval architecture, enjoy the peaceful nature, and communication with friendly people. Also, this country in the heart of Europe is attractive not only for curious travelers but is also a popular place for education and employment in international companies. Why is the Czech Republic so attracted to all?

One of the main advantages of studying in the Czech Republic is the opportunity to receive free education in the Czech language, as well as the relatively low cost of studying in English. Czech universities are among the top most prestigious educational institutions in the world, and the experience of thousands of students annually confirms the benefits of studying at a Czech university.

Czech Course in Prague

Why the Czech Republic?

локация лого

Location. The Czech Republic, although a small country, has a favorable location: it is located in the heart of Europe, borders Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Austria. Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, and Ukraine are all within a few hours’ drive. Moreover, the country is not only a member of the European Union but also part of the Schengen area, which means free movement without visas, passport control, and endless opportunities to travel and explore various neighboring cultures.

замок лого

Culture and history. The Czech Republic is a wonderful mix of Slavic and Germanic culture. For many centuries, the country was under the rule of the Austrian emperors, but its historical path has developed in such a way that its own Czech heritage is not inferior to the culture of its neighbors. The government of the Czech Republic continuously takes care of preserving the entire diversity of the material and intellectual heritage of the past centuries, equally valuing German, Austrian and Slavic.

стабильность логотип

Stability and security. All foreign students and tourists are adoring the cheerful and stately Czech police officers. Here you can safely walk until the morning and not be afraid of your safety. Also, there is a convenient public transport system in the Czech Republic, that runs on a 24/7 schedule. The Czech economy is developing successfully, the unemployment rate is at a minimum.

престиж иконка

Prestigious education. To study in the Czech Republic, you will not have to limit yourself to one thing: the oldest Charles University in Prague, Masaryk University in Brno, the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, and many more universities, which actively cooperates with international partners. Also, you will find many highly specialized and medical universities here. And most importantly, studying in Czech is free for both Czech and foreign students. However, studying in English will also cost you cheaper than anywhere else.

учеба иконка

Bologna system. Czech universities follow the centuries of old traditions of the Bologna system – the organization of universities where there is a constant exchange between countries. The main idea of the system is to move freely from university to university across Europe to get the most diverse scientific and cultural experience. As a student of any high school, you get access to the Erasmus, Erasmus+, and other student’s exchange programs.

деньги иконки

Prices. The Czech Republic is always associated with a comfortable, exciting, and budget travel destination, but living here is also very affordable. Low prices for housing and products and numerous student discounts will satisfied everyone.

работа иконка

Work. The Czech Republic is also famous is a country with one of the highest living standards in Europe and low prices. With a student visa, you can officially work up to 20 hours a week, and universities offer large scholarships. For example, the salary of an ordinary barista in a cafe in Prague starts from 20-28 thousand crowns (780-1063 euro).

мсм академия

The Czech Republic and everyday life

The whole country, and Prague in particular, is about comfort, slowness, calmness, and simple enjoyment of life. Czechs are not fond of constant haste, they prefer to get up early and relax on weekends with their family or in nature. Therefore, most cafes, shops, and organizations start their work at 8 am and you can order lunch till 2 p.m. Every weekend and holiday it is used to pack a large hiking backpack and go to the mountains, national parks, or to relatives in other parts of the country. In summer, cycling is very popular, because the Czech Republic has excellent road quality and cycling infrastructure.


Czech cuisine itself is quite tasty and has certain similarities with German, the famous vepřové koleno (pork knee) weighs several kilograms and is intended for a company of 4! However, following global trends, more and more people are becoming adherents of a healthy lifestyle, delicious vegetarian cafes are constantly opening in cities, and a large selection of ready-to-eat food is available in stores. National cuisines are also developed: Chinese, Hungarian, Italian, French, Ukrainian, and Russina and especially Vietnamese.


Prague is home to one of the oldest metro systems in Europe, with extensive bus and tram routes in each city, and drivers’ punctuality is legendary. Travel around the country is possible on comfortable modern trains and buses with coffee, WI-FI and large collections of movies, TV series, and audiobooks. Prices for trips are as much lower for the students and pensioners. The transport system here is developed not only in the daytime but also at night: in the Czech Republic, special night buses run, which are valid with the same pass as for all other types of transport.

Leisure time

In every corner of the Czech Republic you will find fabulous old castles and fortresses, museums, estates of nobles and famous people of European history. The country has well-developed domestic tourism, the beauty of nature will impress even those who have traveled half the world. Also in the Czech Republic, there is an incredible number of theaters, cinemas, and museums with various exhibitions and performances. Prague, as a center, provides opportunities to study modern art, the history of European architecture just by walking around the city.

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