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Many of the school graduates think about getting an American education, but the first thing that stops these dreams is the cost of studying in the USA. The Double Degree program in this case is not just a great option to study at one of the universities in the United States – Westcliff University, but also to live and study in the very center of Europe – in the Czech capital Prague. Here, thanks to a two-year study at the Czech University of Life Sciences, you will also significantly save your money and quickly adapt to the international environment.

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The program structure 

A Double Degree program is a rare and unique chance to get two majors in just 3 years, which usually takes only one bachelor’s degree program to complete. In collaboration with Westcliff University and the Czech University of Life Sciences (CULS) we have organized a program that combines two years of study in the Czech Republic and one year in the USA. For the first two years, you will study in the heart of Europe – Prague, and third year in California or Florida (of your choice). At the end of this education, you will have two bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Management and Arts in Business Administration. Two courses in the Czech Republic save up to 70% on tuition fees.

Conditions of admission

For admission and successful study in the program, you only need a certificate of secondary education and an IELTS certificate with a score of 5.0.

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About the Universities 


Studying at a European University always includes both theoretical material and active practical use of the studied material. You also get the opportunity to choose additional subjects, such as a second language. For two years at CULS, you will study Business Administration, Economics, participate in startup exhibitions and create individual projects together with major companies: Škoda auto, Johnson and Johnson, Erste Group, Bayer. Classes are taught in English.

Westcliff University

During the last year, you will study in the USA, in the city of Irvine (Calfornia) or Miami (Florida) on your choice. Education at Westcliff University is tailored to the modern need of the labor market. Lecturers aim to provide students with relevant tools and knowledge for today’s economy so that future graduates can successfully use their knowledge during the practice classes and internships in the USA and abroad.

Advantages of the program

The two main advantages of the program are lower cost compared to studying only in the United States and shorter terms, which are possible due to the fact that the student is credited with identical subjects at both universities.

In addition, by choosing a double bachelor’s degree, you get a number of other benefits:

Two specialties: on the one hand, they are related fields, on the other hand, they provide graduates with more in-depth and interdisciplinary knowledge, which expands the range of choice of future employers.

Study in two major world education systems: American and European.

The Czech University of Life Sciences is one of the top 3 state universities in the Czech Republic and Westcliff University is accredited by WASC, CHEA, and DEAC.

Creating your own startup is possible with the support of the PointOne Hub business incubator.

Possibility to study from the best professors and lecturers in their fields.

Access to Erasmus and Erasmus+ – exchange program between European universities.

An open and easy way to the labor market, because you have two diplomas from Europe and America at once.

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