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When thinking about education abroad, most students think of the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany, but often forget that Canada can offer equally or even more prestigious programs at its universities. The program, co-created by ČZU and University Canada West, offers applicants to spend only 3 or 4 years at the University, but at the same time get two bachelor’s degrees.

If you choose to study in Canada only, the cost of studying in Canada will be quite a large amount. However, by choosing the “Double degree” program, you can save up to 70% of your study expenses! This is possible thanks to the first two courses that take place in Prague – an amazing and beautiful city, but also comfortable in terms of prices for housing and food. Also, the cost of one year in ČZU in the pathway “Business administration” is only 32,000 Czech crowns, which is approximately 1,200 euros! Tuition in Canada starts from $17,400 per year.

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In addition to saving money, you also save your precious time – by getting two bachelor’s degrees in a time frame typical for only one. These figures are due to the fact that the learning process takes place in two related specialties: “Business administration”and “Entrepreneurship and trade”. Accordingly, you will not have to pass the general subjects a second time, you will fully devote yourself to delving into various aspects of the field you are studying.

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What are the advantages of education in Canada and the Czech Republic?

You study at leading universities: ČZU is one of the largest in the country (20 thousand students, 7 developed faculties and more than 110 years of teaching experience), UCW is one of the main and most popular universities in the province of British Columbia and the whole country. It is also a member of several canadian educational associations: British Columbia Council on Admission and Transfer, Global University Systems, ACBSP (Accreditation Council for business schools and programs), EduCanada.

Location. You will live in the largest economic and cultural centers: Prague and Vancouver, completely different in spirit, but nevertheless fascinating for anyone.

Ability to learn more than 2 foreign languages. Today, no one is surprised by knowledge of English, so specialists who speak at least one more European language are becoming more and more popular. By enrolling in the double degree program, you will not only be fluent in everyday and academic English, but you will also be able to learn Czech at a conversational level, as well as choose to study German or French.

The admission conditions. To enter the program, you only need an IELTS certificate with a score of 5.0 and a school certificate.

Flexibility and choice. ČZU and UCW give their students the right to choose subjects and schedule. Thus, in addition to the main curriculum, you will be able to master almost any discipline you are interested in and make your daily routine as comfortable as possible.

Employment opportunities. The Czech Agricultural University regularly holds job fairs, you can officially work up to 20 hours a week and 97% of graduates get the desired position, and study in Canada for two years gives you permission to work in the country for 3 years. Of course, active students will not be left without internships: the University cooperates with many major companies that are willing to accept interns. The specialized Department of the University will help with all questions about visa, accommodation and finding an employer.

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Education in Canada and Czech Republic in 4 years? This is possible, because you only need to choose a double baccalaureate program and pass English test!

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