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For many university enrollers, American and European education is a successful start to a future career anywhere in the world. Many schoolchildren from all over the world dream of getting a US diploma, but on the way to their dream there are not only difficulties in applying for and obtaining a visa on their own, but also financial issues. In order to help everyone who wants to make their dream come true, we have created a unique Double Degree program, thanks to which you will not only get the opportunity to get an education at a US university – Lincoln University but also at one of the largest public universities in the Czech Republic – CULS. This program will help you save up to 70% on costs!

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The places of study

You will spend the first two years of your studies in the most poetic heart of Europe – the charming capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. The study takes place at one of the leading state universities in the Czech Republic – the Czech  University of Life Sciences. For two years, you will study Business Administration with university professors and guests from the field.

Prague is also one of the most affordable capitals in the European Union. It has not only the lowest unemployment rate but also huge discounts for students (up to 70% on transport) and affordable prices in the areas of food and entertainment. Thus, spending the first two years of your studies here will save you a lot and prepare you for your third year in the USA.

The third year of your studies will take place in one of the sunniest states in America – California, Irvine. Here you will earn your bachelor’s degree from Lincoln University, a university with over 100 years of history. The university cooperates with many of the world’s leading companies, where students can get an internship. The training campus is located in San Francisco.

It is in San Francisco that the famous Golden Gate Bridge is located, which has become a real symbol of California and attracts many tourists. It is also spoken of as a city of millionaires – the average resident of San Francisco earns up to $ 50,000 a year. This is an ideal city for obtaining high-quality knowledge in the field of economics and entrepreneurship from real professionals

About universities

Why choose an educational program in the USA and the Czech Republic?

Short terms and savings
By working your way up to two bachelor’s degrees in just three years, you save not only time but money as well. The financial savings are possible due to the fact that the first years the student lives in Prague – a beautiful city considering its architecture and history and one of the most affordable cities in Europe. In addition, an important advantage is a fact that with a one-time payment for the entire course, you will be able to transfer to the fourth year of study at Lincoln University without additional fees.

Two specializations
By choosing a Double Degree program, you immediately get the prospect of being a unique specialist in three years, with diplomas from two of the world’s prestigious universities. Study at a university in the USA is considered to be the best in the world because the local education system is aimed at the practical and relevant application of all theoretical knowledge.

Favorable locations
Studying in the United States and Europe always means traveling to a variety of interesting regions, cities, and countries. While in Prague, during your free days you can reach the world’s capitals and major centers in a matter of hours: Vienna, Berlin, Budapest, Munich, and explore the Czech Republic itself. Studying in the States, particularly in San Francisco, means the warm sun of California, the famous Golden bridge, and access to the developed American transport system, which means comfortable trips to New York, Los Angeles, Washington, and any other places that interest you.

The simple admission conditions
In order to start the double degree program, you will only need a school certificate and English at the level of 5.0 IELTS.

Internships, scholarships, exchange programs

Whether you are a foreign student or a domestic student, you will be equally eligible to take internships at leading companies, apply for scholarships, and participate in the Erasmus program, for example.

The prestige of the universities
CULS is one of the places of attraction for international students, and annually graduates thousands of highly sought-after specialists. Lincoln University has been the alma mater for experts in Economics, Business, Management, and Finance since 1919. It is also ranked in the top-3 American universities by the San Francisco Business Times.

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Lincoln University
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