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One of the programs organized by the MSM Academy together with CULS (Czech University of Life Sciences) in the framework of pathway “Double Degree” is a program made in cooperation with the Swiss Education Group. For two years, students study at the faculty of Economics under the program “Business administration” in Prague and then 1 or 1.5 years (half-year of fully paid internship) in Switzerland.

To enter this program, you will only need a completed secondary education and English test at the level of 5.0 IELTS.

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First steps in the Czech Republic

When you have successfully enrolled in a Double Degree program, you will spend the first four semesters at a Czech state university and receive a bachelor’s degree. The classes are conducted in English by CULS teachers, as well as practical workshops conducted by invited experts from the business administration industry.

студенты в Чехии

Study in Switzerland

After completing a two-year study in Prague, the student is given a choice between two specializations in Switzerland: “International Hotel Management” or “Management in the Hospitality Industry and International Business”. The course takes place in one of two Switzerland universities – Cezar Ritz Colleges or Hotel Institute Montreux, both of which are luxury educational institutions. The educational program was created by the Swiss Education Group, the largest international hotel chain that provides its students with paid internships. Studying in Switzerland in the tourism sector is appreciated all over the world and consistently ranks first in terms of prestige.

swiss education group

Swiss Education Group – Our partner in Switzerland

Places of study

The Czech Republic

This country is located in the very center of Europe and its fabulous capital annually attracts many tourists from all over the world. The Czech Republic is part of the European Union as well as the Schengen area, which allows you to travel freely in 26 countries. It has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world, as well as a stable economy and affordable prices for everyone.


This country in Central Europe is known not only for its delicious chocolates and alpine meadows but also for its high standard of living with a friendly population. Switzerland has 4 official languages and 60% of the population is fluent in English. It also has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, so your stay here will be safe and comfortable.

Advantages of the program

By choosing the Czech Republic and Switzerland partner program, you will not only have the opportunity to study the culture of two European countries from the inside, the peculiarities of their hotel and restaurant business but also master two related specializations in a much shorter time.

In addition, you get a number of other advantages:

knowledge of at least 3 European languages, because the tuition is conducted in English, living in Prague helps you learn Czech at a basic level and during your studies you can also choose to learn French or German.

The presence of two European diplomas at once will significantly increase the level of your professional resume and arouse great interest among employers from all over the world.

International Learning Environment: not only will you experience studying and living in two different countries, but you will also meet other students from different parts of the world.

During the internship time, students receive salaries from the 2,168 Swiss francs per month.

Upon completion of the program, you immediately receive two bachelor’s degrees from two world-famous educational institutions.

The study process takes place in two of the largest countries in terms of tourism business development – the Czech Republic and Switzerland, which gives you the opportunity to learn about the industry first-hand.

Admission immediately after school.

Prague is an ideal city for students in terms of security and accessibility.

European education is a chance to try yourself not only in one profession but also to choose a lot of additional subjects to expand your horizons and professionalism. Also, Switzerland universities and Czech as well follow the Bologna system, in which there is an active interaction between countries and cultural and scientific exchange between students and teachers.

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