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While creating the Double Degree Programs we certainly could not ignore our nearest neighbor – Germany. German education has been the standard of quality and future success the employment for years. However, in order to learn Czech and German languages and to enter a state university, applicants will need more than a year of hard work. While applying for a Double Degree program, you will be able to study in Germany (IU) and the Czech Republic (CULS) and receive two full-fledged diplomas in three years. Studying in this area is a comfortable and money-saving way to start a successful international career.


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The program structure

The program of studying in Germany and the Czech Republic in English is carried out within the framework of cooperation between the CULS and IU (International University of Applied Science). The first main specialization, which you will study 2 years of study in Prague, is “Business administration”.

During your third year, you will be in Bad Honnef or Berlin in Germany (of your choice). At the University, whose main focus is on working with more than 30 thousand international students in the field of business, you will study various aspects of international management.

The entire educational program is designed in such a way that graduates will have the most extensive and complete knowledge in two related areas. Due to the fact that you take duplicate subjects only once, in Prague, you save several years and get two bachelor’s degrees from major European universities in three years.

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Advantages of the program

In addition to saving time, which is inherent in the very essence of the Double Degree program, you also get savings in your finances: the Czech Republic is one of the most comfortable countries in Europe in terms of prices for food, housing, and tuition fees. You can save up to 70% of your expenses. German education is considered a standard of quality, but Czech education is on the same level. Thus, you become a specialist who has received knowledge in the world’s leading universities.

Diverse and numerous employment opportunities. The Czech Republic is interested in ensuring that graduates of state universities remain in the country to work, so the government provides a 9-month visa for employment. Germany also values students who have graduated from a German university – you can legally stay here for 18 months and look for your dream job without haste. 80% of IUBH graduates find a job in their specialty within 2 years after graduation, and 90% receive a promotion in 3 years and a 10% increase in salary annually.

Opportunities for student part-time work. According to rules, you can officially work up to 20 hours a week on a Czech student visa, and up to 120 days a year on a German student visa.

Student support and comfortable living conditions. In addition to low prices for rental housing, you can live in modern, fully equipped campuses. Also, you are always in touch with the coordinator, who will tell you the answer to any questions considering the learning process.

Admission. Study in Germany is conducted in English, as well as in the Czech Republic. To enter the program you only need a high school certificate and an IELTS certificate with a minimum score of 6.0 or Cambridge Proficiency/Advanced Grade C.

Networking. CULS and IUBH regularly hold workshops with invited specialists and job fairs, such as lectures “IUBH Business Talks”.

Open borders. With a student Schengen visa, you can travel freely throughout the Schengen zone, discovering new places and exploring other European cultures. You will also have access to Erasmus student exchange programs.

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