Summer German Course in Prague

For many people, summer is the best opportunity to focus more on developing the skills for which they don’t have much time in other months. Students for whom German is their core language often worry that they will forget something important over the summer. If you want to have a fun vacation but at the same time not lose valuable skills, MSM Academy offers to combine rest and study. The German course in Prague is perfect for people of all ages and with any level of knowledge – students will be assigned to the appropriate groups.

The program is conducted in the beautiful, mysterious, and friendly Czech Republic. Being in it for the first time or visiting it again, you will be surprised at how different and interesting this country can be. Together with intensive language classes, you will also receive a rich cultural program with excursions in Prague and the Czech Republic.

You can admire architectural monuments, hear fascinating old stories, and more. For those whose goal is to enter European universities, we arrange interesting excursions to local universities. You will get acquainted with the Czech education system and find out how it differs from the one adopted in the country from which you came.

курс немецкого в Чехии
чехия прага

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German Сourse in Prague

The German course in Prague from MSM Academy includes classes with teachers, each of whom is a professional in their field and explains complex rules in a simple way. They will always find an answer to a student’s question that will help put everything on the shelves. Our coordinators will support the student in any situation: from shopping to visiting medical facilities.

The Czech Republic is a country that attracts tourists from all over the world. It also offers easy relocation conditions. Therefore, you are most likely to meet native speakers on its streets with whom you can communicate in German. This is a great opportunity to expand your vocabulary and make new useful contacts. After all, having friends all over the world is awesome.

But we will not limit ourselves to walks in the Czech Republic. Within the framework of the program, you can visit countries where German is the official language: Germany and Austria. You will see local attractions and chat with people who were born and spent their entire lives in these countries. Such an opportunity for cultural exchange is quite rare, but MSM makes it available to everyone.

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Students Reviews

Course Structure

Study hours:

85/ 60/ 40 academic hours (depending on the duration of the program)
ОEducational center MSM Academy with native speakers

German (theory and practice with a native speaker)
History of the Czech Republic as part of a language course

The summer course runs on the following dates:
1.7 — 30.7 / 1.8 — 30.8
1.7 — 15.7 / 1.8 — 21.8
1.7 — 21.7 / 1.8 — 15.8
9.7 — 30.7/ 9.8 — 30.8
15.7 — 30.7 / 15.8 — 30.8

Throughout the course, students live in student residences. All accommodation is the same: up to 3 people per room. Detailed photos can be found at the link.

студентка в чехии
чехия прага

Entertainment Program

MSM Academy has prepared for you the most exclusive summer holidays option with an interesting and rich program – study, accompanied by active and eventful rest. Below is an example of a one month program.

  • Opening party
  • Orientation program in Prague
  • Guided tour of Prague – Prague Castle, Charles Bridge
  • Visiting a museum, exhibition
  • Tour of the Vltava by boat
  • Visit to the famous Prague Zoo
  • Pool, beach
  • Trips to Dresden, Berlin, Munich and Vienna (additional charge)
  • Visit to the largest water park in the Czech Republic
  • Night walk in Prague
  • Sports activities
  • Trip to Karlovy Vary
  • Trip to Cesky Krumlov
  • Farewell evening
  • Visiting leading Czech universities in Prague, acquaintance with the system of higher and post-higher education in Europe

Students are also awarded a certificate of successful completion of the courses.

Our Services

  • Study Classes
  • Accommodation in Prague
  • Two meals a day (breakfasts and dinners)
  • Entertainment program
  • Czech SIM card with mobile phone number
  • One month pass (for all types of public transport)
  • Meeting the student at any time of the day and at any place of arrival (airport, bus or train station in Prague)
  • Transfer (airport – accommodation – airport)
  • MSM uniform
  • Xplore Fitness membership (for participants over 18 y.o)

MSM Academy, on the basis of long-term and successful cooperation with the world’s leading fitness chain Xplore Fitness, as well as one of the best in the Czech Republic, has signed an exclusive cooperation agreement. All students from 18 years old who will come in the summer for a 1-month summer course will have the opportunity to use the unlimited services of the fitness center.

And also: full information support and assistance in the study process, accommodation and other issues that may arise 24 hours a day.

Dear Parents! The future of your children is in your hands, and we will help you make it happen!

Sincerely yours MSM Academy

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