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Annual Football Academy + foundation

This is a new unique one-year program for students who wish to prepare for admission to leading universities in the Czech Republic and dream of becoming successful football players.

Annual program is structured in such a way that intensive sports trainings (in Slavia farm team — football club Admira) are combined with studies of Czech and English languages in one of the top European universities – CULS (Czech University of Life Sciences). A precise rational balance between sports and education is carefully kept. Upon successful completion of the education program graduates can apply for the top universities in Europe and successful players will gain the possibility to sign a contract with leading football clubs in Czech Republic and EU.

MSM International Football Academy

Football club Slavia is the leading and most highly rated club in the Czech Republic, regularly participating in League of Europe and Champions League. Alumni of Czech Slavia play in the leading football clubs of Europe. Participants of MSM Football Academy have the priority in auditions to join Slavia throughout the year. The training process is followed by specialists from the club, who carefully choose possible candidates for signing a professional contract. The MSM International Football Academy has been formed not that long ago, yet much has been achieved in this time. Just a a few years ago we have started to build our academy literally from a scratch. Today we have an exquisite possibility to train on profound football facilities with grass and synthetic pitches, daily handled by specialists to provide high quality surface for games and practises. Throughout the years of irreproachable activity of MSM Football Academy in Prague we have made many eminent partners willing to continue this successful cooperation in the future. This includes such organizations as: Football Federation of Czech Republic, Prague Football Federation, Moscow Football Federation, Kiev Football Federation, NIKE brand, widely recognized WorldClass fitness centre chain, official representative of  Jaguar and Land Rover in Czech Republic, Ukraine International Airlines.

Some of notable people working for MSM International Football Academy are:

Martin Frydek – His first appearance happened in 1990 as part of Sparta team – first large football club in Czechoslovakia and later Czech Republic. He scored 177 points and 27 goals for Sparta in the 7 years with the team. He took part in European Cup Championship semifinals and quarter finals of the Cup Winners’ Cup. As part of Sparta he won titles in national championships in 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1997, and cups in 1992, 1993 and 1996. After Europe Championship in 1996 Martin left to Germany, where he had signed a contact with Bayer team. At the end of his career he had been playing in FK Semice and FK Dukla Prague. As for Eurocups — his overall statistics is as follows: 18 games in European Champion Cup (later League of Champions), 12 games in each of Cup Winners’ Cup and UEFA. In total he had scored 3 goals is eurocups (one of them allowed Sparta to pass Marseille in the second round of European Champions Cup in 1991/1992). As a part of the national football team he had played in 37 games — 8 of those have been for Czechoslovakia and 29 for Czech Republic. He scored 4 goals, became a vice-champion of Europe in 1996. He also played in FIFA Confederations cup in 1997. At the moment Martin Frydek works in AC Sparta Praha Academy.

Eva Ganyakova – is a former football player and the captain of the national women’s football team of the Czech Republic. Currently she is the head of the Czech youth football team. Eva Ganyakova has been working in the AC Sparta Praha Academy for a while as the head coach of the women’s team of U17 age. And, as of today, this team has been showing excellent results. Thanks to Eva’s unique coaching methods and quality tactical training, many strong football players have graduated from the Academy. Eva Ganyakova is the most frequent participant of football conferences and master classes, which take place in Europe and beyond. In 2014 she was awarded the prestigious award of Doctor of Science of Václav Jírů for her invaluable contribution to the development of Czech football.

Personal coaches of MSM International Football Academy develop meal and training plans fit for each trainee.

Special host coaches and assistants from different teams bring diversity into the training process and carefully follow  the players to see if some may potentially join their club. After the players go through a physical training, the coaches go through tactical strategy with them.

The team trains 4 times a week.

Participants of the program have the chance to play in official league games in Czech Republic, local tournaments and most probably will take part in international competitions as well.

MSM International Football Academycomplies with the highest modern sport standarts. Our special ingredient is the team spirit and individual approach to every member, what guarantees success for both beginner and professional players. We equally care for high training level and achievement of best possible results.

The cost of the program includes the following equipment:

  • One set of training uniform
  • Two sets of game uniform
  • One football sport wear
  • Sports bag

Combination of your talent, ambitions and effort is the key to the football career in Europe.


Annual Czech and English courses

MSM International Football Academy + Preparation Czech and English Courses in CZU program is designed for those willing to study in Czech state universities and has been prepared according to the entrance examination requirements. In order to study for free in a Czech state university foreign students must pass a Czech language exam or provide a certificate of Czech language level (the requirements depend on a university). CZU grants each student who successfully completes the course a language certificate of a national standard.  

This language course is intended for university entrance to the best schools in the Czech Republic. Those schools might be such as VSE, Anglo-American University, University of New York in Prague, Charles University, Czech Technical University and Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, some other prestigious educational institutes all over the Czech Republic.

Czech University of Life Sciences (Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze, is one of the leading state universities in the Czech Republic and currently hosts more than 18,000 students, which makes it number 8 among the 25 Czech state universities and number 3 among the 8 Prague universities. In 2006 the Czech University of Life Sciences celebrated its centenary.

Besides English language students in small groups (about 17 students) study Czech language and Mathematics which will be an additional advantage when they apply to a university. It will also greatly facilitate the studies at a university initially. Courses are taught by experienced, qualified professors from CULS.

Academic year:
15.9.2015 – 7.6 2016

Winter semester:
15.9 – 18.12 (14 weeks)
20 hours of language courses per week (English language + Czech language)

Summer semester:
15.1 – 7.6 (21 weeks)
20 hours of language courses per week (English language + Czech language)

Academic plan:

  • English language – 500 hours, compulsory attendance
  • English language (verbal communication skills) – 140 hours, non-compulsory attendance
  • Czech language – 60 hours, compulsory attendance
  • Czech language (verbal communication skills) – 40h, non-compulsory attendance
  • Math – 60 hours, non-compulsory attendance.

After completing the course, students take an exam and receive a certificate of national standard.

Services included in the price:

  1. Help with collecting documents for the embassy and filling in a long-term visa application form to the Czech Republic (2015/2016 academic year). From our side we provide all necessary documents (confirmation of study and confirmation of accommodation).
  2. Provide medical insurance for a period of study. Insurance is not included in the program price and is paid by the student separately. The price of insurance depends on the amount of accidents it covers.
  3. Meeting in Prague and transfer to the place of stay:
    • Organization of student’s meeting at any time or any place of arrival (airport, bus or train station in Prague);
    • Providing students with Czech SIM card.
  4. Accommodation in the Czech Republic:
    • Provide students with accommodation for the whole period of study (the monthly cost of accommodation is around 210 EUR);
    • Students may stay at the accommodation place during the whole period of study.
  5. Registration in foreign police for international students within the first 3 days.
  6. Orientation program after arrival to the Czech Republic:
    • Introductory sightseeing tour around Prague with the MSM supervisors (orientation around the city, shopping malls, currency exchange points, restaurants, etc.);
    • Provide student with a transport ticket for 2 months;
    • Organization of cultural program:
      1. Orientation evening
      2. Excursion around Prague
      3. Visiting museum or exhibition
      4. Excursion along Vltava
      5. Organization of sport activities (paintball, football)
      6. Trip to Karlovy Vary
      7. Farewell dinner
  7.  Consultation about the chosen schools in the Czech Republic:
    • Help with an application form to the chosen university;
    • Consultation services about universities.
  8. If necessary, we will help to arrange all medical assistance as soon as possible and translate doctor’s comments from Czech language. Health insurance policy is required.
  9. During the period of study assistance and consultations are free, including the questions about accommodation, work and visa regulation.
  10. Help with nostrification (recognition) of secondary and higher education documents.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them!