Foundation programs

Dreams of higher education abroad, which opens doors to a world of great opportunities, can be safely transferred to the category of attainable objectives. In order to dispel the myths about inaccessibility and excessive prices of European education, the following should be mentioned – your dreams are more than real, as long as you have a strong desire and aspiration to create opportunities for yourself. The educational programs at the MSM Academy can help you with this.

The advantage of our programs is that, regardless of the chosen country of study, we can help you save money and time, thanks to the special advantageous offers.

If your objective is to pursue higher education in the Czech Republic, the cost of preparatory language courses will be compensated by further free education in a state university with a possibility of obtaining a scholarship.

For those interested in higher education in the USA, UK or Canada, the Foundation CULS -TRC program is a way to receive the Level 3 National Qualifications Framework certificate (British secondary education) in just one year. The graduates of this program are guaranteed to be accepted by 25 prestigious universities of the above mentioned countries.

Take the first step towards education of your dreams, and we will gladly help you with that!

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them!