Winter Holidays in Prague + English

Christmas time is beautiful in any country but the Czech Republic is becoming truly fabulous these days. If you do not know how to spend winter time so that it is guaranteed to be remembered and beneficial, we invite you to visit the Czech capital. This is not just a set of excursions to beautiful places with a visit to decorated shopping centers for the holiday. Winter holidays in Prague will give you vivid emotions and help you expand and deepen your knowledge of the English language.

For a whole week you will walk around the snow-covered capital, admire its amazing architecture and listen to exciting legends filled with magic. You will learn ancient stories that are closely intertwined with the eventful history of the country.

Winter holidays in Prague can last 8 or 10 days. During this time, we will visit one of the largest water parks in Europe, take a walk around the Prague zoo and learn the history of local universities. All this alternates with rich and exciting English lessons taught by real professionals. Importantly, each of them is a native speaker, and communication with such teachers will be the best practice.

зимние каникулы в Праге

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Winter Holidays in Prague with MSM

MSM Academy offers not just a vacation abroad. You will receive a full-fledged language course that will help expand your vocabulary, teach you to understand spoken language and demonstrate the application of the knowledge you have learned in practice. All this is under the guidance of sensitive teachers, each of whom has extensive experience in teaching and working with foreign students.

The lecture plan is designed so that in 2 hours a day you will receive enough theoretical knowledge, and then you will be able to apply it in practice, communicating with other students from around the world, staff in cafes and museums, a guide and coordinators. After all, communication with native speakers allows you to learn it at an accelerated pace.

Embark on a fabulous winter journey with the MSM Academy and you will definitely want to come back to the Czech Republic again. After all, this beautiful and hospitable country with a rich history is open to everyone who is ready to study hard. And we will definitely help you with this!

зимняя прага

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