Autumn holidays in Prague with learning English program

Summer has passed, and months of study are ahead. They will be especially intense and difficult for high school students who plan to enter a university next year. How not to succumb to the autumn blues and stay productive and in a good mood for many months? MSM offers an exciting autumn vacation in Prague.


The program consists of two parts: cultural, entertainment and language. As part of the first, you will visit the local zoo, get acquainted with the history of local architectural masterpieces and visit a lot of interesting museums and exhibitions. The educational part is tied to communication with native speakers. Experienced teachers will tell the history of the Czech Republic, highlighting the side of it that you are not yet familiar with. All this is in pure English and in an easy-to-understand form. Upon completion of the course, each participant will receive a commemorative certificate.


MSM Academy provides support to the participants of the autumn program at all stages of the journey: from paperwork to travel to the airport or train station on the day of returning home. Our curators are always in touch and ready to help the traveler, in whatever situation they may find themselves in. But there is nothing to worry about: for many years of working with foreign youth, we have provided all possible scenarios for the development of events.


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Autumn holidays in Prague with MSM

Holidays in Prague with the study of English are supported by the MSM Academy. This is an international language school that operates in a number of areas:

  • Offers a wide range of courses for those wishing to learn English, Czech, German and other languages.
  • Recruits young and talented students for sports camps and the MSM Football Academy.
  • Organizes intensive preparatory courses for admission to universities in the Czech Republic.
  • Allows young people from all over the world to receive Double Diplomas within the framework of the unique program of the same name.
  • Helps applicants prepare for admission to universities in European countries, the USA and Canada.
  • Collaborates with the largest state universities in the Czech Republic.

Choosing an autumn vacation in Prague, you can rest assured of their safety. MSM has been organizing trips for foreign students to Europe since 2007, and during this period none of our wards suffered. Curators make sure that every student is provided with accommodation, mobile communications and other things necessary in an unfamiliar country. Our team consists of experienced professional teachers, most of whom teach in the Czech Republic. Managers and curators are well versed in the country and are always ready to help their wards.


As the participants of our courses are increasingly showing interest in the Czech education system, we have agreed with local universities and organize excursions to their buildings for those who wish. It is interesting, exciting and useful, because studying in the Czech Republic and in the post-Soviet space has a number of differences. We remind you that studying in Czech is free for foreign students. If you want to learn this simple language and enroll in a prestigious European university on a budget, take a look at our Half-Year and One-Year courses.

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