General information about Work & Travel

What is Work&Travel?

First of all program Work & Travel gives you unforgetable impressions and adventures in a different continent! Initially Work & Travel USA was created due to the fact that American children didn’t travel a lot, and in order to  get acquainted with other cultures American government along with Department of State created Work & Travel program.  How does it work? W&T is a student exchange program which allows you to work, travel and discover such a far away and for most of us unknown land called America.

 Who is Work &Travel for?

  • full-time students and vocational secondary education students who has finished the 1st year and aren’t last year students
  • age between 18 and 30
  • English level:  Pre-Intermediate and above

Jobs of The Work and Travel program do not require heavy physical exertion, work experience or having a special qualification. You can work, for example, as a store salesman, a waiter or a hostess in a restaurant or a café, a fast-food restaurant worker, an ice-cream salesman, a barista, a Swimming Pools Lifeguard and many others. Among the large selection of vacancies you can choose the one you like the most. We also do not exclude the possibility of an independent job hiring. In this case, the Work and Travel program will cost you less.

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