Russian language course in Prague

The popularity of Russian language is growing year by year. Many international companies look for Russian-speaking professionals for their teams. Do you want to start learning Russian, but you don’t know how and where? MSM Academy offers a wide range of comprehensive Russian language courses. Thanks to modern and effective study methods and best teachers you will make progress quickly. Let‘s do it together! Start learning Russian with MSM!

Subject Hours Date Hours Price Book
Russian Поехали! A1-A2 10 hours 7.10.2019 – 16.12.2019 Mon: 19.00-20.30 3490,- Kč Objednat
Book more hours by the smaller price! 6780,- Kč
24 hours 7.10.2019 – 16.12.2019 Mon: 19.00-20.30 6450,- Kč Objednat

In one month you get to know the language and nice aspects of learning it. At the end of the course you will be able to use well-known phrases and expressions and to use them in particular situations. You will be able to participate in simple conversation supposing that everyone speaks slowly and clearly. The teacher also speaks English.

Lessons don\’t take place during public holidays in CZK.

Vyuka v jeden den probiha o delce 90 min. (celkem 10 x 90 min. nebo 24 x 90 min.)

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them!