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Swiss Education Group (SEG) – is a group of universities offering high quality education in tourism, hospitality, gastronomy and top level management in these areas. What makes the studies so special is that the students will have access to the exclusive International Recruitment Forum where they can meet for an interview wuth representatives of top brands in hospitality and tourism. Students will be offered paid internships in Switzerland and around the world, and the most talented ones would also recieve direct contract offers. The first of SEG schools was open in 1982 and today the group contains already five institutions and 7 campuses offering higher education in hospitality management.

SEG offers the best choice of educational programs all the way to the Master degree. The courses are a combination of theory and practice – students must attend compulsory internships for a period from 8 to 12 months in the first two years of studies. SEG provides their graduates 2 international diplomas thanks to the partnership with the University of Derby (UK), the Northwood University (US) and the Washington State University (US). Strong ties between the education group and top players on the tourism market, such as Savoy, Fairmont, Swissotel, Raffles, Mandarin Oriental and Movenpick, gives graduates the opportunity to build their careers on the international level.

Twice a year students attend the International Recruitment Forum. The representatives of international companies visit the event to meet the SEG graduates and find the talent they are looking for. The secret to the forum’s success is the high level of qualification the SEG students have, what makes the attractive for recruiters from the international companies. Currently every event offers over 1000 positions in international companies for which the students can apply. By the time of the graduation each student has taken at least two internships in Switzerland or abroad. The International Recruitment Forum gives young specialists unmatched career opportunities and valuable industry contacts which they can use throughout their life.

SEG students regularly communicate with representatives of the hospitality industry and other professional orrganizations in areas of hotel management, event planning, business and finance management, HR, marketing, spa management, culinary arts, tourism and hotel design. The research had shown that the networking experience and attained skills allow SEG graduates to build succesfull careers and achieve top-level positions quicker than anyone else.

SEG always brings innovations in the education process and is the trend setter in the industry. One of the latest courses “Hospitality management and design management” in IHTTI had clearly shown that SEG follows the latest market trends. There is a demand for such specialist and SEG was the first one in Switzerland to offer education in this area. Currenly other universities have started developing such courses as they see a potential in such specialization.

To be number one on the market and provide the best education, SEG follows the needs of the students, constantly adapts the study plans and implements the latest teaching techniques. All SEG universities are fully equiped with Apple computers, providing the students the best equipment for efficient studies. This is crucial for an industry which is constantly developing and where the technologies play a significant role. This is why every student recieves an iPad upon entering their first year and use throughout their studies.

SEG Universities

  • César Ritz Colleges Switzerland (Le Bouveret, Brig and Lucerne);
  • HIM – Нotel Institute Montreux (Montreux);
  • SHMS – Swiss Hotel Management School (Caux and Leysin);
  • IHTTI – International Hotel and Tourism Training Institute School of Hotel and Management (Neuchâtel);
  • Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland (Lucerne and Le Bouveret).

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland

The university offers the following courses:

  • English language foundation course – perfect program to improve your English skills before the start of the academic year. Minimum number of weeks – 4. This is year-round program, so students may take it any time for a chosen period of time. Overall duration of the course depends on the starting level of the student and how much he has to improve before he can meet the requirements of the chosen course.
    Price: CHF 850 / week (price includes studies, accommodation, full-board)
  • Bachelor of International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management – 3-year Bachelor course. First 2 years students study either in Le Bouveret or Lucerne campus. Year 3 takes place in Brig campus.
    Price: CHF 36 000 / year.
  • Master of Arts in International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management – the course is suitable for students who are planning to work in top-management of hospitality business. The course targets development of enterpreneurship and leadership skills.
  • Master of Science in International Hospitality Management – develops the talents necessary for managing positions: critical thinking and problem solving skills. This course is there to broaden the understanding of the students in areas of management, consulting, research and professional training. This degree is a key to pursuing a Phd degree in the future.

Нotel Institute Montreux (HIM):

The university offers the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management – unique chance to receive a double degree together with partner Northwood University from USA. This course focuses on finance, marketing and HR.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Business Management – course for people who already have a bachelor degree in any area, people with experience in hospitality who want to improve their skills as well as someone who wants to switch a specialization. Duration – from 5 to 12 months.
  • Master of International Business – this course helps to develop skills in hospitality and business management for future employment on top-management positions in international companies.

Swiss Hotel Management School SHMS:

The university offers the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality and/or Events Management – programm focuses on practical skills in Swiss hospitality and international management. After first two years the students receive a Swiss Diploma in Hotel Operations Management. After this the students may continue their studies and in 6 months receive a Bachelor of Arts degree either in International Hospitality Management or International Hospitality and Events Management from the University of Derby (UK). In the end student have two diplomas from Swiss and British institution.
  • Master of International Business in Hotel, Resort & SPA Management or Food & Beverage and Restaurant Management – program for students who want to find themselves in management of big international hotel groups (Corinthia Hotels, InterContinental Hotels Group etc.)
  • Master of Science in International Hospitality Management – this is an intensive and practice-oriented course which helps to develop skills in international management. This course focuses on business subjects: management in hospitality, problems solving, development of operations plan and future strategy for international companies.

IHTTI School of Hotel Management:

The university offers the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality and Design Management – one special feature of this course is that the students may choose which diploma they will receive at graduation: a Swiss diploma, a British diploma or a US diploma.
  • Master of International Business in Hotel and Design Management – a degree for students who want to get the top-management positions in their career in luxury market, hotel design and executive management.

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland:

The university offers the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts – a bachelor degree in gastronomy.
  • Master of International Business in Culinary Management – this program provides students a wide variaty of disciplines such as restaurant management, culinary arts, skills and arts, so in the future the student may use their innovative ideas in creation and development of their own business.

The world of Swiss hospitality business is waiting for you with a vast amount of opportunities for your future career!

For details about universities from SEG group please contact the representatives of MSM Academy. MSM is the official representative of SEG in the Czech Republic.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them!