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Education in Switzerland

Swiss education system is renown worldwide for the highest quality. Students who want to get their education in Switzerland can choose from a variety of courses in private and public institutions.

The education system in Switzerland includes three level: primary, secondary and tertiary. Every level holds opportunities for studies of international students.

Tertiary level includes degree studies in universities and vocational education. Switzerland offers a wide choice of professional diplomas, Bachelor and Master degrees in general studies and applied sciences. This gives the international students vast opportunities in receiving high quality education in the area of their choise.

Universities in Switzerland

Switzerland has 10 canton universities and 2 federal technology institutes. The oldest one has been founded in Basel in 1460. All twelve universities have the teaching traditions of the European school. They conduct reasearch in different areas of life and teach a variety of sciences such as law, economics, mathematics, social and life sciences.

The university education in Switzerland has a Bachelor-Masters structure just as any other institution in Europe. To simplify the exchange process for the international students, Switzerland had signed the Bologne declaration which sets a system of easily readable and comparable degrees. According to this system, the first degree the students is to receive is the Bachelor (180 ECTS credits in 3 years of studies). The second one is the Master degree (90-120 ECTS credits or 1,5 years of studies). The Bachelor degree is an undergraduate one and is only preparation for the Master. Successfull completion of the Master degree allows the student to move to the next level – the Phd.

Private universities in Switzerland

In addition to the public universities mentioned before, Switzerland is a home to many high quality private institutions. Many of these are international due to the fact that Switzerland has three offcial langiages – French, German and Italian. The Swiss universities offera varios degrees, but they are mostly renowed for the quality of education in such areas as busineess and economics, as well as best schools of hospitality in the world.

How to apply?
There are a few conditions a student need to meet in order to apply for a Swiss university. First of all the student must have a school diploma from completing the stage of secondary education. Other conditions may vary from one school to another, such as requirements of top grades, a motivation letter or an essay on a chosen topic. As the studies may run in different languages, depending on the language of studies the student may be required to know the given language at least on B1/B2 level.

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