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Football Camp + English Language

The program of The International Summer Football Camp in Prague combines English language course with football training on the basis of the well-known Czech FC – Sparta Prague. It is a permanent member of the Champions League and Europa League and the Football Association of the Czech Republic. The program is supported by Nike and the world fitness network WorldClass.

This program is adjusted depending on the level of the participants. This means that for both beginners and professionals the trainings will be interesting and effective.

During this summer football camp you can not only improve your football skills, but also get a chance to be chosen by FC Sparta Prague as the best player and start further cooperation with the club.

Games and trainings are alternated with active cultural and educational programs. Upon completion of the program participants receive a certificate from the club.

Program of The International Summer Football Camp

Football trainings, team games and tournaments:

  • 4 times a week, 2 hours a day
  • Team games and tournaments can take place in training times

Academic hours:

  • 50 hours of studies, 4 times a week
  • Education center MSM Academy / Presto with native speakers


  • English language
  • History of the Czech Republic and Central-East European countries

Summer course is held in the following period:

  • 01.07.2017 — 30.07.2017
  • 01.08.2017 — 30.08.2017


During the program students are staying in hotels Villa MSM (U Svobodarny), Dejvice, Orlik and Masarykova kolej. All places of residence have the same accommodation conditions. 2 people per room. Photos you can find in our gallery in the albums Villa MSM (U Svobodarny), Dejvice, Orlik and Masarykova kolej.

Cultural program:

  1. Welcome Party
  2. Orientation program in Prague
  3. Guided tour in Prague, Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge
  4. Visiting museums and exhibitions
  5. Vltava River Boat Tour
  6. Visiting the famous Prague Zoo
  7. Pool, beach activities
  8. The largest aquapark in the Czech Republic
  9. Night walk around Prague
  10. Sport events
  11. Trip to Karlovy Vary
  12. Trip to Karlštejn Castle
  13. Farewell Party

Upon successful completion of the course students receive a certificate.

Charges included in program price:

  • language course
  •  football trainings
  • accommodation in Prague
  • 1 month transport ticket (all means of transport are included)
  • Czech SIM-card
  • cultural program
  •  transfer (airport-place of accommodation-airport)

All participants of the program receive a uniform (shorts, football socks and a T-shirt) from Nike.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them!