Medical career in Czech republic

There are many reasons for moving to Europe, one of which is high salaries and living standards. Whichever profession you will choose in the European Union, you get a decent social package and the opportunity to combine your job with hobbies and travel.

Working as a doctor in the Czech Republic is one of the most difficult, but prestigious and highly paid jobs. There are two ways to become a doctor in this country: move here with a medical diploma, or get it directly in the Czech Republic. In any case, the International Youth Union will provide you support.

If you are just planning to take the first step towards a successful career as a doctor, you can enroll in one of the most prestigious universities in Czech Republic – Charles University.After graduation you will get a european diploma of higher medical education without even paying for the semester. Czech Republic provides a free education in czech language.

Работа врачом в Чехии

What if you are already a young doctor
with a diploma from university of your home country?

All you need is to apply for nostrification of your diploma and prepare to move to the Czech Republic. When the document is recognized as valid, its holder will be able to apply for a doctor’s vacancy in private and public clinics in Prague and other cities.

You will also need to pass an approbation exam and confirm the completion of practice at the place of study. Especially for young specialists in the field of medicine, MSM has developed an intensive course aimed at learning Czech and preparing for passing approbation. Having successfully overcome all the tests, you will be able to work in your specialty in any medical institution in the EU.

Работа врачом в Чехии

Medical career in the Czech Republic: moving with MSM

The program includes:

  • Czech lessons, 560 hours by Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU).
  • 140 hours of Czech and 60 hours of English at the International MSM Language Academy.
  • 70-hour intensive preparation for the approbation exam.
  • 40 hours of classes at the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education.
Работа врачом в Чехии: переезжаем с МСМ

Get the course program

Conditions for application for a medical position

Foreign specialist who wants to become a physician in the Czech Republic, needs to go through three simple steps:

  • Nostrification of a medical diploma
  • Approbation exam organized by the Czech Ministry of Health. (Consists of practice, oral and written parts and is conducted for dentists, pharmacists and general medicine doctors)
  • Confirmation of completed practice
Условия для претендентов на вакансию врача

MSM offers:

  • Assistance with collecting and processing all necessary documents (visa, translation of documents, proof of residence, insurance, certificate of proof of study).
  • Transfer for newly arrived students.
  • Connecting a Czech sim card.
  • Organization of accommodation for the entire duration of the course (the cost varies around 300 euros per month).
  • Registration with the police (Czech. cizinecká policie) in the first 3 days after arrival.
  • Purchase of a student travel card for a period of 2 months.
  • Consultations on admission to the desired University (collection of documents, selection of the program, assistance in applying, nostrification).
  • Support to medical institutions (with valid insurance).

Additionally you will need to pay:

  • Examination fee
  • Translation of documents
МСМ предлагает:

All qualified professionals in the fields of dentistry, medicine and pharmaceuticals are eligible for the program.

Make a choice towards a high standard of living, and let the MSM help you to make the dream of a brilliant medical career in Europe a reality.

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